Breakin’ rocks in the hot sun


Yesterday we took advantage of two dry days in a row to go out to our land and get some work done. When I say “we”, I mean we paid some teenagers to help Adam. My main job was to buy drinks and sandwiches, pass the bug spray,  and repeatedly remind everyone not to injure themselves. (This is a habit I get from my mother, who still tells me not to cut myself every time I enter her kitchen.)

When we arrived, we found that nearly a solid month of rain had accelerated the grass growth exponentially, and grass was already chest-deep. So, Adam started by weed-whacking the driveway.

DSCN5732 DSCN5733

Our young friends, Nathanael and Philip, went to work schlepping the debris out of the hole. This hole used to be a house, but prior owners had burned it down. So for more than a decade, It has been a pit full of broken bricks and ash. It is my ambition to tun this former basement into a swimming pool. (The realtor who sold it to us found that hysterically optimistic. I remain undeterred.)


They scooped up dozens and dozens of buckets of debris, and moved larger rocks by hand. Adam cut small trees with a chainsaw.


It doesn’t look like much, but they made huge progress! However, we may have to wait for September to finish this particular project. It got Hot!

After lunch, Adam had the guys help him remove the eyesore of a lean-to that had been leaning for a couple years after Adam discovered that he couldn’t get it apart by himself. The creator of the thing used at least 4 nails everywhere one would do. They discussed demolition options…


…and then took turns whamming the thing with a sledgehammer and a pickaxe. DSCN5743 DSCN5751

They smashed it into bits, ripped it apart forcibly, and generally enjoyed themselves. I reminded them not to do anything that would require tetanus shots, and they all informed me they were up to date.


At last! The ugly thing is gone! Now I (meaning Adam) can put a solar shower there.

We were all worn out. Even me, although that seems unfair even to myself. We’ll definitely have these guys back to help us. We have a lifetime supply of things to get done! And a job done is so satisfying.


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