On Water


This morning when I got up, the dogs were thirsty. I realized that we had run out of water late last night. This last week of August has been the hottest of the year, unsurprisingly. We have all been drinking more water, the dogs over a gallon a day. I know exactly how much they are drinking, because my water is in gallon jugs.

After 18 months of living in a trailer, I think I can say that running water is the most under-appreciated of all modern conveniences. The ability to twist on a faucet whenever one is thirsty, dirty, or just hot is in my eyes a miracle! Having to go outside to get water is tricky enough, but in the winter toting water from town is both a pain and a necessity. If a heavy snow falls, we don’t want to be caught without. Although, in a pinch you can use boiled snow.

But this morning as I blearily wandered outside and flipped the breaker for the well, I was filled with gratitude. How many other women went out to fetch water for their families this morning? How many millions walked miles to water sources that are questionable at best? How many hot miles did they trudge home, laden with a few gallons to see them through the day?

My morning was blessedly cool after a hot day yesterday. The rising sun brought the smell of warming grass. An eagle called high over head. Not 100 yards from my door, cold, clear, safe, limestone-filtered Missouri water gushed from the ground. Before I even thought about my coffee, I had filled six gallons- enough for all day. I switched off the well pump and filled up the dog dish.

God is so good to us.


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  1. If nothing else, your adventure at the “homestead” is teaching you so much about understanding the suffering of the world and the heart of God. I delight in your compassion, your contentment, and your brilliant creativity. I am proud of you.

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