Breaking Ground


Today our neighbor Don (who is in the running for best neighbor ever, as you will see) came by to return our shovel. And he also brought over his backhoe for us to borrow. (See? Best neighbor.)
One of the things we have been loving about our new home is the friendly, helpful, interseting people. We’ve made so many good friends, and all our neighbors are awesome.
We also love the view, the smells, the blossoms, and even our road. We love the weather, and even the humidity. (Take that, Colorado.)We daily thank our wonderful God for bringing us here, we consider it our Promised Land.

One of the things we are not loving so much is that we don’t actually have a home yet. That’s where the backhoe comes in.


We gleefully watched Don’s progress down the road. He gave Adam few pointers on running the machine, and left us to it. Adam wasted no time.


He drove it around the trailer into the area where we are planning the house.


It didn’t take long for him to get the hang of the controls.


This is the face of a man driving a big machine.

The face of a man Working on his own land.

The face of a man Who just broke ground for his new Home.DSCN5405


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