Sausage and Apples


I saw the first leaves falling this morning as I sat in my easy chair. Looking up the hill the bright golden flurry was like glitter against the green of everything else. I haven’t seen any more, but it’s  a clear sign that fall is around the corner.

The heat of the day makes me think it is way around the corner, but the nights already are quite cool. School is well under way.  Another sign of approaching autumn is that those of my friends who do things like hang autumn wreaths have done so.  I love the fall, but I am pretty sure that, even when I have a house, I’m not going to decorate for it. Unless you count bringing in random blooming weeds.

We moved here last year just in time for all the trees to have dropped their leaves and start looking depressing. So I’m looking forward to a little autumn color. But mostly, I’m looking forward to fall cooking. It’s the best time of year to cook, in my opinion, because there’s still plenty of fresh produce, but it’s not too hot to turn on the oven.

I got an early start on fall cooking last night because we discovered the orchard across the road, while still offering peaches and tomatoes, has the first fall apples! We got a “small” bag of the RubyJon type and last night I made one of my favorites- sausage and apples. The apples were delightfully tart and crisp, which is just what you want for this homey dish. Usually I pair it with cornbread or pancakes, but since it isn’t quite fall yet, we just had sliced tomatoes on the side.

Sausage and Apples
Patty and fry up country sausage in a cast iron skillet. You can use another kind, but it tastes better in cast iron. While it is frying, slice up an apple per person. When the sausage is browned to your liking- which is just brown for Adam, and not-quite-burnt for me- remove it and set aside. Put the apples in the sausage grease. If they are really tart, add a spoonful of brown sugar. But only if they’re really tart. If for some strange reason you have used crazy low-fat or turkey sausage, you might need a dab of butter. Fry the apples over high heat, stirring occasionally until they are soft and golden, but stop before they start falling apart. Pile the apples on the sausage and enjoy right away.


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