Adam digs a hole


Initially, we had determined to rent a backhoe to dig the hole where our future house will go. But then Adam said he’d just dig it with a shovel, since he didn’t have much else to do. Although he does have a lot to do, like rip up old fencing, fence the new garden, tear down the old lean-to, chop trees for the house, chop cedar trees just cause they’re there, muck out the pond, clear the rubble from the old foundation, and so on. But it’s nice out, so he started digging. Also I fed him steak and eggs for breakfast, so he had lots of energy.




Buster looked on as Adam dug the very first hole for our new house! He is at the far south-west side of the future house.


It’s so nice how his pants and shoes are still clean in this one. But then he got down to business. And changed his shoes. And decided he needs some work boots sooner rather than later.


He was using the spade to loosen up the soil, and the shovel to chuck it out of the hole.


They did a lot of chasing each other and barking, so now they’re worn out. And they can’t figure out why Adam is digging a hole in the middle of the field.


What we have here is very heavy, wet, red clay. It alternates across the hill with rocks. Lots of rocks.

After about 2 hours of digging, there’s a 4×6 3 foot deep hole. We are planning a partially earth-sheltered house. Which means that Adam will have to go down about 8 feet in this location, then go 48 feet east, where the depth will only need to be 2-4 feet. He has reconsidered renting a backhoe.



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