The dogs like it here


The dogs really like it here. We’re getting settled on our land in our camper. 14 acres is a lot of land for two people and two dogs to explore. And we’re exploring! It’s about half pasture and half woods, and every day we’re making new discoveries. You can walk for hours up hills, through grass, under trees, and across stream beds and still be on our land. It’s quite exhilarating.

But, I don’t think anyone could be happier than these two dogs. After more than 18 months of riding in cars (which they do very well) and being staked out on tie-downs (which they do very grudgingly), they can run and sniff to their hearts’ content. Two hour-long walks per day is nothing to Buster. (Although it seems to be Jack’s limit. He turns 11 this month.) They can roll exuberantly in the deep grass. Then there’s the bones to consider.  Not only are there tons of tasty deer bones to discover in the tall grass, at some point a cow died out here. (Or possibly a bison. These bones are huge!) There are aproximately 10, 000 trees to pee on and for once, Buster is pacing himself.

But I think what is making them the most happy is that they can tell WE are happy. They’re very intuitive puppies, and they really do care how we feel. One of my life’s dreams has been to sit outside each morning with my coffee and pet Jack. I think that’s been one of Jack’s dreams, too, because he happily complies.


P.S. Living this rurally has its limitations. While we sort of get internet during the middle of the day, we’re on the lookout for a good rural phone and internet provider so I can post more frequently!


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