Potato Soup Weather


Well, we were warned! I heard it said somewhere or other that this winter would be as cold and wet as the summer was hot and dry. And it is cold out tonight! We’re visiting at Adam’s brother’s house after three bizarre weeks of unexpected travel. We’re tired and maybe at some point I’ll post about the trip. But today is for resting.

We’ve spent the day just visiting and watching movies and playing with the kids. I’d like to post pictures of my twin nieces, but it’s really hard to get a non-fuzzy image of a two-year-old. Let alone two two-year-olds. And then they went to bed.

My sister-in-law Glenna and I like to cook together, and tonight we made one of our favorites- potato soup. My Nephew, Anthony, asked if he could cook grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone, and of course potato soup is the perfect accompaniment. I don’t know why I’m explaining this so much- potato soup needs no explanation.

There are two keys to good potato soup, and the first is bacon. You chop it up and fry it crispy. Then you can fry the onions in the delicious fat.

The second key is to chop the potatoes into different size pieces. That way some of them will totally disintegrate, and some will still be chunks. Perfection.

After Glenna and I got the soup rolling, I helped Anthony make the sandwiches. Andrew “helped” too.

After we dished up and gathered around the table, Anthony said that these are the moments he savors. I couldn’t agree more.

Enjoy the fall with good food and family, everyone. Now I’m going to bed.








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