Lemon Cake

This week is turning out to be a real adventure! The old adage says when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. We don’t just make lemonade, we make lemon bars, lemon cookies, and even lemon meringue pie, if there’s enough lemons. This is definitely a lemon pound cake kind of week.

So, we bought a travel trailer to tow around and live in. It’s a great solution for now (cause we don’t have to get hotels), later (we can live in it while building a house), and Lots later (we can use it to actually go camping!). So we towed it up to the Lawrence, KS area to visit my folks, and our Suburban promptly started acting weird, The lemon part of this story is that the Suburban needs a transmission rebuild, which is only slightly less expensive than buying a new Suburban. Sigh.

The Cake part of this story is that we were camped at Clinton Lake State Park when the breakdown occurred, so now we are spending a week having fun at the lake while our car gets fixed! We get to spend more time visiting with my folks, and Adam gets to swim in the lake, which he promptly did.

At first, I worried that the park service was confused about the term “beach”.  This is the    Sign we saw after parking. Clearly, this is a wooded area, not a beach.

The lovely approach to the lake.

Aha! The actual beach was down 125 steps. It’s sort of magical to come thru the trees and see the  water below.

Adam really likes swimming.

It wasn’t even that cold. I know because I missed a step and went in up to my knees.


While Adam splashed around, I walked around the perimeter to get some shots with the sun at my back.

I like squelchy mud.

Pardon the artsy sunflower shot. It is Kansas, after all.

Lovely Clinton Lake in the afternoon.

We stayed all week, and took several long walks in the rain with the puppies. It was not the week we’d planned, but it was fun any way!

Lemon Cake


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